Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sad day

Today I suffered the loss of my precious violin bow. He will be missed. We had some good times. The horse hairs were brittle and weak, they snapped simultaneously under pressure. Some hairs were strong enough to withstand, but the majority are just a frazzled mess now. I miss that little bow already.
I do have a back up bow from my old violin, but it is dirty and does not play well. I didn't know in my early violin days that you are not supposed to touch the hairs or the oils from your hands make it all gross and the sound quality suffers.
I can clean the old bow and it will be back to normal, but I lost my rosin a couple years ago in my high school orchestra class. With out rosin, the cleaned bow won't play. Guess I don't get to play my Christmas songs this year.
Poor little neglected violin. Haha
In other news, I scalded my tongue and throat on piping hot cocoa this morning at breakfast. Ouch. :p


Laundry said...

rosin is cheep woman!! it's like a buck!! lol sorry you lost your bow..

I feel your pain.

Once apon a time. said...

oh my goodness, girl I don't feel your pain, but I do know how it feels to be close to an instrument.... I don't ever want my piano to become broken.

oh girl, I love you and send you my sympathy.

hollyolly8 said...

haha I was just being overly dramatic on purpose.
I'm not really THAT upset about it. Just slightly irritated. Maybe a little disappointed.