Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We got new phones. So, when I get a new phone I have to play with all the new features, of course. I usually figure out my camera by taking pictures of my pup. Since I took the pictures, I Thought I may as well put them on here for your enjoyment since there aren't too many of him since he was a tiny little guy. He's grown at least a few inches since then :)  I love my puppy.
So here he is:

He has this addiction to the heating pad. He must be laying on it always. Even if it's not on. If we are laying on it he will try to claw it out from under us, or better yet, snuggle up as close as he can just so he can be touching some small part of it. Crazy dog.
We were both pretty tired.
He loves to cuddle. I think Aaron likes it too ;)
Like a deer looking in the headlights. Except, I think he has bigger ears.
(Becca, yes that is How I Met Your Mother on the TV in the background.)

Short little post. Had to show some love for my Willis dog.

That's all.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love me? Then buy me things.

A day for being spoiled...I mean for love.

Since we both work full time, we did our lovers celebrations on the Saturday before Valentine's. We went to see The Vow, (It was just eh. Cool that it's a true story though. Maybe I would have been more into it if I knew that before the end credits) did some shopping and exploring around town, finally tried out Gaucho Grill, (highly recommend it. Be prepared to spend a lot, eat a lot, and gain a few pounds. Worth it! Insert drool here.) and went to an improv show. Basically, good times were had.

On the actual day of love, I woke up at four, and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up and made breakfast in bed for us. Eggs in a basket. Mmmmmm. Then off to work we went. Aaron had flowers sent to my work, (all together now:  Awwww!) and my boss even gave the office girls some cute little arrangements. I went home at lunch and strung our house up with rope all over. I put a note at the start that said something like "Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm lucky to say I'm tied to you. Follow the string, that's your only clue, somewhere at the end a surprise will be waiting for you." Aaron said he almost peed his pants when he got home trying to crawl through the tangled web to get to the bathroom before trying to find the surprise. Apparently he'd been holding it for far too long. Haha TMI? I don't care. It's my blog. :)  He beat me home, so I didn't get to see him struggle (sadly). At the end was a huge bottle of his favorite cologne, (Clinque Happy for Men. I know, delicious right? Mmm) and a Calvin and Hobbes book. When I got home, there was a trail of my favorite goodies, and some super cute balloons throughout the house. Cute! He also got me 17 Miracles, (so very highly recommended!) and a cord for my Kinect so we can use it with our projector. Yay! I've missed my new toy haha. We didn't do much that day cause my back was picking on me, and we had already done our stuff on Saturday. We did go eat at Fredrico's, (yep, you guessed it, recommended. Best ranch dressing ever!) and watched Because I Said So. It was still a great night, because I got to spend it with my best friend.

Well, that's all.

I do apologize for all the parenthesis I used. I have fun commenting on my own comments. Yeah, it does make sense okay! :)

Hope your love day was filled with as much love as mine!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Give me flowers and presents day

I'm not really a fan of the idea of Valentine's Day. That is only needing to be romantic when the calendar tells you so. I do think it is a good excuse to dote on your sweetheart a little more than usual. I also like that (most) everyone is a little more cheery on this day. This year I got an idea from my good friend Becca. She did 14 days of Valentine's for her husband. I didn't know about this idea till it was the 2nd of February. A little to late to do the 14 days. I did end up giving Aaron a week of Valentine's though. I had a lot of fun with it. I wish I could have done the full 14 days, cause I had a lot more ideas I wanted to use. Maybe next year. Of course I didn't take any pictures, as per ush. I'll just tell you what I did for him. It's very cheesy, and kinda funny. Don't laugh at me too much. I started on the 7th, so it's actually 8 days, but that's okay. He's worth the extra day :)

Day one:

Aaron's favorite donuts with a note saying "'Donut' forget how much I love you!" Awwwww

Day two:

A box of those Chewy Quaker granola bars, the chocolate dipped ones. Aaron is always asking to get them, but I usually forget. A note on them saying "I'm no 'dip', if I had to 'chews' again I'd still 'chews' you"

Day three:

His favorite soda, blue Mountain Dew, with a new wrapper on it that said "Love potion number 9" Really looked like potion with the blue color haha. Also a note that said "I really 'Dew' love you"

Day four:

A red 2012 Camero Hot Wheels car with a note that said "You're hot, and I Wheelie love you". He's always saying he wants a Camero. Wish granted. ;)

Day five:

A pack of gum with a couple notes. I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I used both. :) "We were 'mint' to be together" and "Thanks for 'sticking' with me"

Day six:

A bag of Juju fish (he LOVES them) with a note "I'm offishially asking you to be my Valentine" He said yes, in case you had your doubts. I think he knew he wouldn't get any of the fish if he didn't ;)

Day seven:

I left a Nerf gun and a note saying "'Nerfer' forget, I love you." on the outside and on the inside it said "Hi Husband, 2 things: 1- this is your gun 2- you are under attack starting now. With love, Wife." on the door step, rang the door bell, and hid. As you can guess, we then had an awesome Nerf gun war. I'm pretty sure our new neighbors think we are crazy now, but that's okay, cause we mostly are.

That brings us to today. V-Day:

I'm going to leave you in suspense here, cause I'd rather just do another post for all of our Valentines stuff.....

To be continued.

Lots of love for love day!