Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We got new phones. So, when I get a new phone I have to play with all the new features, of course. I usually figure out my camera by taking pictures of my pup. Since I took the pictures, I Thought I may as well put them on here for your enjoyment since there aren't too many of him since he was a tiny little guy. He's grown at least a few inches since then :)  I love my puppy.
So here he is:

He has this addiction to the heating pad. He must be laying on it always. Even if it's not on. If we are laying on it he will try to claw it out from under us, or better yet, snuggle up as close as he can just so he can be touching some small part of it. Crazy dog.
We were both pretty tired.
He loves to cuddle. I think Aaron likes it too ;)
Like a deer looking in the headlights. Except, I think he has bigger ears.
(Becca, yes that is How I Met Your Mother on the TV in the background.)

Short little post. Had to show some love for my Willis dog.

That's all.



Chelise said...

Whatcha talkin bout willis! haha! Aw cute willis. I miss the puppy days and when jada and him first met.

Becca said...

Wow I get my own mention in your blog! and associated with How I Met Your Mother, even more awesome.

Holl.E.L.Wood said...

Chelise, I was looking at some pictures of the day they first met. Some of them I haven't looked at since that day, so I didn't remember them. I'll have to show you.

Becca, you get mentioned cause you made my life awesome by introducing me to How I Met Your Mother. Oh, and by being my friend of course. Awwww. I hope you can get feeling better soon.