Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So, when I burned myself, I just felt like an idiot, but Aaron felt very bad for me. He didn't want it to happen again. He is always warning me now "careful, the stove is hot" or "that's hot, don't burn yourself". Silly husby cares too much. So he says I'm not allowed to burn myself again. To make sure I don't, here was his solution:

All metal utensils. This was part of my Christmas presents. How cute is he? So now I can't melt a plastic cooking utensil. I'll just have to heat the metal up and then grab it. haha
So pretty much, I have the best husband. He is very thoughtful. Hopefully theses will prevent me from posting about another burn. :) However, I almost did face plant it right into the fry vat at work last week, there's always a way. haha time for a new job! :)

The end.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The burn. Ewwww!

The culprit. Notice how the end is melted. Evil pasta spoon! :)

A few days after. Those blisters were pretty massive.

How the doctor had us wrap it

It was really quite the ordeal to get this wrapped.
thanks to my wonderful husband for helping me wrap it
over and over. He did a great job!

Healing. A few weeks after.

Turns out my thumb, even though it was smaller, was worse than my hand.
It took much longer to heal and hurt for a lot longer.

Now, My hands look almost normal. Just slightly red. I don't think it's even going to scar much thanks to the amazing burn cream the doctor gave us. Also, I don't have to wrap it any more, thank goodness.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goodbye to the best pet ever.

So I've been trying to do mostly happy posts lately, but today will not be one of those.
My puppy Sissy died last night. She’s had a bad hacking cough for the past few days. My dad was going to take her to the vet today. I know it's just a dog, so it's not like I've been bawling about it all day or anything, but I have been thinking about her and been a little somber. I have SO many memories of her, here a just a few of them, followed by some pictures from my phone. (She is also in one of the pictures in the post before)
She's been my baby for 8 1/2 years. We bought her when she was 7 weeks old for my mom on her birthday. My mom was her favorite person out of everyone. She was pure bread Shitzu. The cutest, most fun, silliest, smartest, most stubborn, sneaky dog ever. She was the best little snuggle doggy ever. She slept on my feet every night from when I was 12 till I moved out at 18. I still wake up and think she is on my feet some mornings. She was my running partner and a great comforter when you needed her. Which she always somehow knew when you did. She loved meeting new people, and going for rides in the car, but always had to sit on your lap, even if you were trying to drive. She knew so many tricks that my mom spent tons of time teaching her. We ran out of ideas of what to teacher her next because she already knew it all. She would do anything for some Goldfish or Cheetos. The only food she didn't like was lettuce, oranges, and celery. She always begged for whatever food you had. She had a very tough tummy, having got into the trash can and eaten raw meat, chocolate, and food we threw out for a reason, but never getting sick from it. She had so much energy and loved wrestling with hands, feet, and blankets. She was my favorite of all my families’ pets we've had, which is saying a lot since we've always had at least one dog, and usually another animal or two.

I guess that ended up being more things about her than memories but that's what I've been thinking about. It wasn't going to be this long of a post but oh well. You're probably just thinking "this girl is nuts, going on and on about some dead dog" I'm sure most of you won't even read most of this post. I wouldn't blame you either. This dog meant nothing to you. But she sure was something special to me.

There you have it.

I loved her very much and will always remember her as my favorite puppy ever.

My nephew and Sissy at our cabin at Bear Lake

Monday, January 4, 2010

Grandma Lucy

Over the weekend my grandma had a stroke. She is okay now, starting to walk and talk again. She'll most likely be fine. It's the second bigger stroke she has had. The first one was a lot worse than this one but was on the other side of her brain.
She is the only grandparent I have that is still alive. I love her so much. I look up to, and admire her more than anyone. She is my hero.
This is my dad's mom. My dad is the youngest of four boys in his family. When my dad was 11 (I'm not sure how old my grandma was) my grandpa died while sucba diving at their cabin at Bear Lake. My grandma got through that and raise all four boys on her own. She is such a wonderfully strong lady. So stubborn and independent, just like my mom was, and just like me. I have always loved how classy she is.
My grandma loves Aaron so much, it makes me very happy. She is so cute with him. I took a really cute picture of them together over the summer I want to find and post. For now, these two pictures will have to do.

All the Isakson girls two years ago. There is one more Isakson girl now, Jessica, Kevin's wife!

We love her