Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So, when I burned myself, I just felt like an idiot, but Aaron felt very bad for me. He didn't want it to happen again. He is always warning me now "careful, the stove is hot" or "that's hot, don't burn yourself". Silly husby cares too much. So he says I'm not allowed to burn myself again. To make sure I don't, here was his solution:

All metal utensils. This was part of my Christmas presents. How cute is he? So now I can't melt a plastic cooking utensil. I'll just have to heat the metal up and then grab it. haha
So pretty much, I have the best husband. He is very thoughtful. Hopefully theses will prevent me from posting about another burn. :) However, I almost did face plant it right into the fry vat at work last week, there's always a way. haha time for a new job! :)

The end.


Laundry said...

Holly, I think your husband came up with a solution for every woman that burns herself while cooking... needless to say, I better get all metal or wooden everything before i burn myself again... haha.

Anni said...

AHHHHH NOOOOO NOT MY HOLLY!!!!! *hugs* im sorry you got burned it looked like it hurt a lot! im glad your hubby bought you new cooking stuff. ^.^ good job! hehe well love ya i will keep you updated about me moving and such ^.~ no worries