Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorable Memorial weekend

I LOVE paid holidays! Don't you? Whoever thought those things up is probably my favorite person ever. I would love to give them a big hug. There hasn't been a paid holiday since New Years. Really? Five months with no break? Not nice. But we made it! Memorial day is always very welcomed at our house. That's typically the first weekend we get to go up to Bear Lake. Now, in case you were wondering, Bear Lake is my favorite place to go on weekends. I love everything about it. I start to get with drawls from it in the winter. Must. Go. To. The. Big. BLUE(ish green)! Bear Lake has always been my second home. I've never missed a summer, and I never intend to. We usually make it up there 2-3 times a month from June to August, and once in May and September. If the water freezes over during the Sisco run (a rare occurrence), there maybe a winter ice fishing trip. Does that seem like a lot? It's not. At least not to me. When I was little we would go up there almost every single weekend in the summer. If my parents had callings at church, it was well known that they would be put on hold during the summer months. 
Obviously we made it up there this last weekend. And, boy oh boy, was it cold. We did our best to do the things we would do if it was warm. We did some shooting, played a never ending game of horse shoes (never ending because we couldn't get more than 2 points and were playing to 5. Ended up calling it at 4.), and went fishing. Aaron has been looking forward to fishing up there since last summer when he snagged a huge fish, but it got away. We were determined, we had to go fishing. We have previously just been using Aaron's parents fishing poles since they are rarely used otherwise. We decided it was finally time to get our own. We have been planning on doing this for years, but it hasn't happened yet. I'm very happy with my new, and first pole. It's a pink Ugly Stick, with a clear end. No it's not ugly, it's actually pretty, the brand is called Ugly Stick.We got on our way and I went to grab our fishing licenses, but they weren't in our glove box where we keep them. We looked everywhere, but to no avail. We couldn't let that stop us though, we drove to Garden City to get new ones. By the time we were done it was windy raining, and cold. We headed back to the cabin. After dinner it seemed to clear up a bit and the sun even came out. We set out to try again. Our normal spot where Aaron lost the fish before was freezing and windy, so we didn't last long. We decided to give it one last try at a new reservoir the guy at the fish shop told us about, it was all the way back in Garden City. We went there, and it was basically just a hole they dug and threw some fish in. It was pretty small and still had dirt piles all over. I ran out to the water, threw my line in, and put on my gloves. By the time I started reeling back in, I had a bite. Yay! It was jut a tiny, little guy, but I was happy. We were going to just put him back, but he swallowed the bait so we had to keep him. There is a 2 catch per person limit there, so that was a little disappointing. Next Aaron caught a pretty little trout, but we put him back. I had another catch a little while later and pulled out this guy:

No judging how I look.
 He was probably about 2 pounds. Didn't even put up much of a fight. That was a keeper for sure. We decided we were cold enough to call it a day. Went back to the cabin, had a short lived campfire (thanks a lot mother nature), then settled in for the night. We didn't get much sleep cause of the rain, and freezing temps. Next day we had breakfast, and headed back home so we could make it to teach our primary kids. This is what we ran into in the canyon:

Told ya it was cold
 There was probably about 3" of snow in some parts. Happy start of summer? Boo. We made it home safely though. Later we cooked the fish. They were so tasty, and I don't like fish. Tastes better when you catch your meal I guess. We spent the rest of the day catching up on much needed sleep. Even Willis was pooped. He didn't like the thin walls and the cabin, and kept barking at my dad's snores and farts through the night. The next day we went out and bought me one of these:
Isn't she pretty!
 I haven't owned a bike in about a decade or more, nor ridden one in that time either. Aaron has been wanting to buy me a bike for a few years now. I've had my eye on this one for about a month, and finally let him buy it for me. I love it. :)  I rode it all around town yesterday. We have gotten well acquainted. I'm excited to go on lots of rides with her. She needs a name though. Any ideas?

That was our long weekend. Bet it was cooler than yours! ;)


Thursday, May 24, 2012

And many more!

I'm not usually a post everyday kinda girl. Yet here I am with a post for the third day in a row. Lucky you. Don't get used to it.
I just need to update on Aaron's Birthday while I have a minute. I got a little busy and forgot about it. Here we are almost 2 weeks later. Any way, Aaron had a Birthday. Here's what we did:
I gave him his presents in the morning. Nothing too special this year. Mostly just stuff he needed like a chill mat for his lap top, a new screen cover for his tablet, and a stand for his miter saw. As you can see he already is spoiled with the stuff I got his presents for, so I had a little harder time thinking of things for him that he doesn't already have. I successfully found a couple of things that were wants and not needs for him. A three pack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies on DVD, and a ticket to see Brian Regan (that's right, just one ticket). I'm not sure which one he was more excited about. Brian Regan comes to our town at least once a year, and we have been wanting to go for awhile, but never think of it till the tickets are all gone. The show isn't till December 1st, so I gave him one ticket, and kept one for me and told him it would be for my Birthday which is a few days before the show. Win! :)
 After presents we had some breakfast and then went to the parade. That's right, my husband is so awesome that there is a parade, fireworks, and the whole town celebrates on his Birthday. It just so happens that this falls on the same day as "Health Days", so that works out nicely. Or maybe it's the other way around.... Other than being a little chilly at first, the parade was nice. I'm a child at heart and love those things.
Next I took Aaron to Lunch at Texas Roadhouse. We both were able to get prime rib. I hardly ever get something that fancy anywhere, not even on my Birthday. However, there was one of those "Two can eat for $___" deals going one, and prime rib was on it for no extra charge. Yum! We were both happily filled when we left. I was a little sad that Aaron wouldn't let me tell them it was his Birthday, but it was his day, so I reluctantly agreed. I know I don't like people to sing to me on my Birthday either, and he respects that, so I had to do it for him too.
Later on we had some friends and family come to our house to have a campfire, roast some dogs and mallows, and watch the fireworks. As a result, a good time was had. We even stayed up till midnight! That's super late for us oldies.
It was a great day, jam packed with food, fun, family, friends, and fireworks. Does it get much better? Let's do this again next year.
Happy Birthday Aaron!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A letter of hope.

Dear sleep,

I miss having you around. I find your sudden unexplained absence from my life to be cruel. Teasing me with the sleepies all day long, and then alluding me when I try to visit you is some what torturous. You know I can only see you at night. I yawn for you, and yet, you ignore me. I thought we had a nice thing going on. I would like you to know that in your absence I have become very close friends with a certain Dr. Pepper. He has helped me in forgetting the emptiness I feel since you left me. Although, he can't make me feel as good as you can. Sometimes I feel I have no energy to go on without you in my life. I have given you many chances, just to be rejected by you. I wish I could say I was done trying, however, it is well known that I can not live without you. Please pay me a visit soon, but don't come till after dark,or Dr. Pepper might find you and try to fight you. He is a jealous one, and won't allow me to be with you when I'm with him. That is why I make him leave by 5, so you will feel welcome. I  would be pleased to see you in my bed tonight. Until then, I will continue to hold close to my Dr. Pepper.

With hope,


These get me through the day when you are gone.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Staring at the sun

Oh you know, that's just a picture of all of us staring at the sun. Man, we're a bunch of weirdies, I tell ya. It works for us though. The reason we are staring at the sun is because we were watching the eclipse on Sunday, which was so cool to see. I've never seen one before, just pictures.
 I find this picture hilarious for lots of reasons. I think it will always be one of my favorites of us. One reason I find it funny, is obviously Willis' glasses. Or should I say MY glasses. Those are the glasses I bought for when I would go tanning with my roomies way back in the day. I still get a lot of use out of them, can't you tell? Cause I'm so tan and all. That's okay, pale works for me. Pale is the new tan. That's right. Try not to be too jealous of my glow in the dark skin. 
Before we made Willis wear this glasses, which he did not appreciate, Aaron was wearing them for awhile. Haha! He looked so creepy. He put his sunglasses over them so he could stare at the sun. It was so bright that it hurt to look at it even with sunglasses on. Another funny thing about this picture, I don't know if you can tell, but I have my glasses on underneath my sunglasses. That's why they are kind of floating off my face. My contacts have failed me again, and I can't wear them much anymore. What a waste of money. I hate that I can't wear my sunglasses. Oh well. I suppose life will still go on. 
After staring at the sun for so long, I was seeing spots for the remainder of the night. Worth it! This reminded me of a routine by Brian Regan (we LOVE him). This one here:

 Don't mind the odd animation. It's the only one I could find.

That reminds me, I need to do a post about Aaron's Birthday. You'll see why that reminded me of his Birthday when I do that post. He is 27 now. Gee wiz, I married an old man! Haha

Anyway, the point of this post is that we had a good day. Yep. That's all.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Ready? Red eye.

Okay, this picture does not do it justice, I looks a lot worse than that. Apparently a blood vessel in my eye burst. It's not an uncommon thing to happen, happened to my dad a month ago as well. Kinda freaked me out at first, just cause I wasn't expecting my eye to be demonized when I looked in the mirror in the morning. It doesn't hurt much or anything, just kinda random. I thought it was interesting, so I decided to share. Hopefully it goes away soon! In the mean time, keep your small children away from me, I may give them nightmares. :)