Friday, September 28, 2012

Newest addition

Back in the springtime, Aaron met a lady while at work that was interested in breading her min pin. Aaron told her that we have a male min pin that could provide the second half to the equation. Well, a few months later Willis' girl friend Brea came to stay with us so they could have as much time together as possible. The more time, the more puppies. Willis is head over heels for this girl. He was so sad when she had to go home that he sat at the door crying. He still knows her name if say it. Since he was upset, we decided he needed a little buddy to keep him company while we're at work. Enter Bruce:

Light tan poopy!  :)

We adopted Bruce from the humane society in July. We were looking at the poodles they had, since we don't want another shedder. Bruce was the first one we looked at. While I was looking at another one, Bruce came right up to me and sat in my lap. How could I say no at that point? They said that he came in the day before with his brother, but his brother had already been adopted. He needed a buddy too. That was it, he had to be mine. Bruce's name was originally Sammy, but being a poodle, he already looks like a girl dog, I couldn't stand him having a girly name too. He needed a manly name. A name that once heard there would be no question as to his sex. He's had no problem with the name change, and picked it up very fast. 
Bruce was born in December 2010, and is 6 months younger than Willis. They are complete opposites. Bruce is so relaxed all the time. He always wants to be by you and preferably to be pet 24/7. He gets very jealous if Willis is getting the attention, and not him. He will shove in between us and Willis and but his head in our hand. He's adorable, and we love him.

There  you have it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And then there were three....

Years that is. ;P  Not announcing anything other than the fact that I have been married to the most incredible man for three years... plus 2 weeks. I've been a bit of a slacker. The reason is (there's always an excuse right?) because we finally bought a new camera. This is way past due as we have had phone camera's that had more pixels then our camera for the last 2+ years. I upload pictures on here straight from an app on my phone, but now that all my pictures are on a camera it's a little more of a task. I may or may not update my blog strictly while at work when it's slow (it's always slow), and obviously I don't want to put my personal pictures on my work computer. That would just be inappropriate... much like updating my blog at work... don't judge. 
Back on topic, For our anniversary we went to Vegas in August. We needed to go before school started for Aaron, so we celebrated a little early. Side note, did you know that it's hot in Vegas in August? Like 104, and way humid. Kinda what we expected though. I had never been before that I can remember, so I've been asking Aaron to take me since I turned 21. Three years later, and we finally did it. On our way down we saw Wicked in SLC. I loved it. I had never been before, and when I heard they were bring it to Utah it was the only thing I told Aaron I wanted for Christmas last year. We got to Vegas and stayed at the Golden Nugget. I've wanted to stay there since I saw it on the Travel channel three years ago. They gave us a free upgraded to a suite, which was awesome! Biggest room I've ever stayed in. It had two bathrooms, a living room/kitchen, a bed room, dinning area, 3 TV's, lots of closets, and a vanity. It was a suite perk. Get it? Ha. The reason I wanted to stay at this hotel was for the pool. It has a shark tank right in the middle of it. You can just swim up and be inches from a shark. They were also swimming overhead. If that's not cool enough, there's a clear water slide that goes right through the tank. Swimming with the sharks. Aw yeah.
When we weren't enjoying our cool hotel, we did the normal touristy stuff. M&M world, Coke world, Hard Rock Cafe, Bellagio fountains (so cool!), and eating tons of tastey treats. I'm pretty sure I gained several pounds while there from all the good eats. The highlight of the trip was going to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. The stage they did it on was built specifically for this play, so the effects were really great. The chandelier falling looked so real it was frightening. I've seen this play at least twice before this, but it was nothing like this. Needless to say, this is my all time favorite musical (which is saying a lot cause I have a very large list of musicals I absolutely love) and it's been on my list to see it in Vegas for quite awhile, I heard they were ending it soon, so we had to make it happen. So glad we did. After the play, we got lost in the hotel, which is not surprising considering it's size. We ended up stumbling upon this room that looks like you are outside. Seriously, I had to do like a triple take thinking we were outside. I felt like we were at Hogwarts. It was extremely gorgeous. In the middle of this room there is a water canal which gondolas float through. So cool! I wanted to go for a ride, but it was super expensive. Oh well, it was really fun to watch.
Well, that was our vacation. On our actual anniversary we went out to eat, and were going to go to a movie, but took too long eating and missed it. Instead we got a Redbox, went home, blew up our air mattress in the basement, and watched a movie on our projector. Much more comfortable than a theater. That weekend we met up with my old roommate at Peach Days, made it home in time to watch the Aggies whomp on the Ute's, stayed at the Anniversary in a night, went ghetto golfing, and finally caught that movie. Basically, a good time was had. Happy three years to you and me my love! It just keeps getting better. Can you tell he makes me a very happy lady? In case you can't, here's proof  >  :D  

This was supposed to be a short post, but as always I rambled on too long. Here is the only picture I took with my phone from the vacation:

I love palm trees!

That'll be all.