Friday, September 28, 2012

Newest addition

Back in the springtime, Aaron met a lady while at work that was interested in breading her min pin. Aaron told her that we have a male min pin that could provide the second half to the equation. Well, a few months later Willis' girl friend Brea came to stay with us so they could have as much time together as possible. The more time, the more puppies. Willis is head over heels for this girl. He was so sad when she had to go home that he sat at the door crying. He still knows her name if say it. Since he was upset, we decided he needed a little buddy to keep him company while we're at work. Enter Bruce:

Light tan poopy!  :)

We adopted Bruce from the humane society in July. We were looking at the poodles they had, since we don't want another shedder. Bruce was the first one we looked at. While I was looking at another one, Bruce came right up to me and sat in my lap. How could I say no at that point? They said that he came in the day before with his brother, but his brother had already been adopted. He needed a buddy too. That was it, he had to be mine. Bruce's name was originally Sammy, but being a poodle, he already looks like a girl dog, I couldn't stand him having a girly name too. He needed a manly name. A name that once heard there would be no question as to his sex. He's had no problem with the name change, and picked it up very fast. 
Bruce was born in December 2010, and is 6 months younger than Willis. They are complete opposites. Bruce is so relaxed all the time. He always wants to be by you and preferably to be pet 24/7. He gets very jealous if Willis is getting the attention, and not him. He will shove in between us and Willis and but his head in our hand. He's adorable, and we love him.

There  you have it.

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