Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tim Tam Slams!

I had my first experience with Tim Tam Slams last week. Thanks to Sarah and Brian, Aaron's sister and Brother-in-law, who found Tim Tams at Wal-mart and gave us some for Valentines days. Tim Tams are rectangular chocolate covered cookies. For a Tim Tam Slam you mix up some hot Milo, which is kind of like hot chocolate, then bite off two opposite ends of a Tim Tam cookie stick one open corner in the Milo and suck through the other open corner like a straw. Once you get some Milo in your mouth, you shove the whole cookie in too. It's all melted and soft. All I have to say is YUM!!! Aaron's Brother Ben discovered these while on his mission in Australia.
Thanks Sarah for the greatest Valentines day treat! You're the best! :)


Messy yummy treat!

That's all

Friday, February 19, 2010

First Married V-day

So, Valentines Day was just splendid. We celebrated on Saturday the 13th. We went to see Valentines Day the movie. It didn't get very good reviews, but I wanted to see it any way. I wasn't expecting much from it. Turns out, it's a really cute movie. I liked it a lot. It kinda dragged on a little, but was still great. There are a lot of stories to follow, but they all connect in some way. My favorite was Julia Roberts story, which isn't a major part of the movie, but it was sooo cute and unexpected. It made me tear up a little bit.
Any way, after the movie we ate at Texas road house. We went at three so it wouldn't be busy. They had this deal going on for Valentines day that I thought was pretty funny. It was a two for fourty deal. haha Chili's is right down from the street from them with their two for twenty deal (but only if you go at the right time, which we suck at) But yeah, it was very yummy. Tons of food.
After eating we went to play at Magical Moon Toys. If you live in Cache Valley and haven't gone there before, you are missing out. You can entertain yourself four hours! It's for kids, but I'm immature enough to have a great time there. haha But it's free and they have tons of toys out that you can just play with. However, if you have kids, leave them home. No way you're getting out of there with out spending money. Lots of it. I love that store. :)
Sunday after church, we just relaxed. I made yummy Spinach mozzarella meat loaf for dinner. We watched The Notebook, and The Amazing Race and had a very nice relaxing day.
Aaron got me two dozen long stemmed red roses and a nifty Jewelry holder. I got him some new socks. If you know him, you know he loves new socks, but they have to be squishy! haha So I didn't want to just be lame and just hand them to him. So I rolled them up like roses and made a bouquet out of them. It was very fun. I also got him some goodies to eat. Although I think I ate more of it than him :)
It was the perfect weekend. I loved it so much. My husband is amazing and I'm so incredibly lucky.

Look! Pictures:

Aaron's socks

My gorgeous roses! Love them!

That's all!