Thursday, May 24, 2012

And many more!

I'm not usually a post everyday kinda girl. Yet here I am with a post for the third day in a row. Lucky you. Don't get used to it.
I just need to update on Aaron's Birthday while I have a minute. I got a little busy and forgot about it. Here we are almost 2 weeks later. Any way, Aaron had a Birthday. Here's what we did:
I gave him his presents in the morning. Nothing too special this year. Mostly just stuff he needed like a chill mat for his lap top, a new screen cover for his tablet, and a stand for his miter saw. As you can see he already is spoiled with the stuff I got his presents for, so I had a little harder time thinking of things for him that he doesn't already have. I successfully found a couple of things that were wants and not needs for him. A three pack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies on DVD, and a ticket to see Brian Regan (that's right, just one ticket). I'm not sure which one he was more excited about. Brian Regan comes to our town at least once a year, and we have been wanting to go for awhile, but never think of it till the tickets are all gone. The show isn't till December 1st, so I gave him one ticket, and kept one for me and told him it would be for my Birthday which is a few days before the show. Win! :)
 After presents we had some breakfast and then went to the parade. That's right, my husband is so awesome that there is a parade, fireworks, and the whole town celebrates on his Birthday. It just so happens that this falls on the same day as "Health Days", so that works out nicely. Or maybe it's the other way around.... Other than being a little chilly at first, the parade was nice. I'm a child at heart and love those things.
Next I took Aaron to Lunch at Texas Roadhouse. We both were able to get prime rib. I hardly ever get something that fancy anywhere, not even on my Birthday. However, there was one of those "Two can eat for $___" deals going one, and prime rib was on it for no extra charge. Yum! We were both happily filled when we left. I was a little sad that Aaron wouldn't let me tell them it was his Birthday, but it was his day, so I reluctantly agreed. I know I don't like people to sing to me on my Birthday either, and he respects that, so I had to do it for him too.
Later on we had some friends and family come to our house to have a campfire, roast some dogs and mallows, and watch the fireworks. As a result, a good time was had. We even stayed up till midnight! That's super late for us oldies.
It was a great day, jam packed with food, fun, family, friends, and fireworks. Does it get much better? Let's do this again next year.
Happy Birthday Aaron!


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