Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A letter of hope.

Dear sleep,

I miss having you around. I find your sudden unexplained absence from my life to be cruel. Teasing me with the sleepies all day long, and then alluding me when I try to visit you is some what torturous. You know I can only see you at night. I yawn for you, and yet, you ignore me. I thought we had a nice thing going on. I would like you to know that in your absence I have become very close friends with a certain Dr. Pepper. He has helped me in forgetting the emptiness I feel since you left me. Although, he can't make me feel as good as you can. Sometimes I feel I have no energy to go on without you in my life. I have given you many chances, just to be rejected by you. I wish I could say I was done trying, however, it is well known that I can not live without you. Please pay me a visit soon, but don't come till after dark,or Dr. Pepper might find you and try to fight you. He is a jealous one, and won't allow me to be with you when I'm with him. That is why I make him leave by 5, so you will feel welcome. I  would be pleased to see you in my bed tonight. Until then, I will continue to hold close to my Dr. Pepper.

With hope,


These get me through the day when you are gone.

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Becca said...

Haha! Goodness I love your posts! You're too funny! I hope you and sleep can get VERY acquainted tonight.