Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goodbye to the best pet ever.

So I've been trying to do mostly happy posts lately, but today will not be one of those.
My puppy Sissy died last night. She’s had a bad hacking cough for the past few days. My dad was going to take her to the vet today. I know it's just a dog, so it's not like I've been bawling about it all day or anything, but I have been thinking about her and been a little somber. I have SO many memories of her, here a just a few of them, followed by some pictures from my phone. (She is also in one of the pictures in the post before)
She's been my baby for 8 1/2 years. We bought her when she was 7 weeks old for my mom on her birthday. My mom was her favorite person out of everyone. She was pure bread Shitzu. The cutest, most fun, silliest, smartest, most stubborn, sneaky dog ever. She was the best little snuggle doggy ever. She slept on my feet every night from when I was 12 till I moved out at 18. I still wake up and think she is on my feet some mornings. She was my running partner and a great comforter when you needed her. Which she always somehow knew when you did. She loved meeting new people, and going for rides in the car, but always had to sit on your lap, even if you were trying to drive. She knew so many tricks that my mom spent tons of time teaching her. We ran out of ideas of what to teacher her next because she already knew it all. She would do anything for some Goldfish or Cheetos. The only food she didn't like was lettuce, oranges, and celery. She always begged for whatever food you had. She had a very tough tummy, having got into the trash can and eaten raw meat, chocolate, and food we threw out for a reason, but never getting sick from it. She had so much energy and loved wrestling with hands, feet, and blankets. She was my favorite of all my families’ pets we've had, which is saying a lot since we've always had at least one dog, and usually another animal or two.

I guess that ended up being more things about her than memories but that's what I've been thinking about. It wasn't going to be this long of a post but oh well. You're probably just thinking "this girl is nuts, going on and on about some dead dog" I'm sure most of you won't even read most of this post. I wouldn't blame you either. This dog meant nothing to you. But she sure was something special to me.

There you have it.

I loved her very much and will always remember her as my favorite puppy ever.

My nephew and Sissy at our cabin at Bear Lake


Chelise said...

Sorry to hear about her. She is so cute. I didn't know you had a dog till now. I love that she never got sick. Our old dog was the pickiest eater. I wonder where she gets that from....haha! Well we'll have to get together again. Later!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about sissy. she was such a sweet dog! And yes, your mom loved her and she loved your mom. She left lots of great memories for you to cherish.

misty zesiger said...

sorry, it's misty! I'm not anonymous!

hollyolly8 said...

Misty, You need to put me on your allowed list for your blog so I can read it! :)