Friday, January 23, 2009

Little sleep here, little sleep there

So, here I sit
bored out of my everlovin mind
while Aaron sleeps in my bed
He's so adorable when he sleeps! :)
See look > > >
I guess I have to entertain myself tonight
My neighbor has really loud bass speakers right against the thin wall that we share and it's on all the time.
I pretty much hate him.
He's watching a movie right now and I can hear it very clearly
I can't sleep through that
I Don't know how Aaron does it.
He can sleep any where, any time.
And he does.
Proof > > >

But I love him, so it's okay. :D


TheGrayShirt said...

I think it's cause he works his tiny little fingers to the bone every single day! seems like a good reason to sleep eh?

hollyolly8 said...

and cause some crazy girl keeps him up late every night keeping him constantly sleep deprived. She's very selfish.