Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brand newish 2002 Honda CR-V

Today we finally bought a new vehicle. We have needed this for awhile because all we have had to use is my Toyota and Aaron's motorcycle. With the cold weather Aaron's motorcycle is no longer a good vehicle to use. My car is an ice box and frosts on the inside and out when it gets cold and the rear defrosters don't work, so we were really in need of a reliable car for the winter time. We have been talking about getting a new a new source of transportation for about six months now, so I got tired of just looking and gave Aaron a deadline to get a car. That was this Saturday for when we go to a Jazz game. I didn't work today so Aaron got the day off too so we could look. I honestly had my doubts that we would really buy something. We found a silver 2001 CR-V at the first dealership we went to and I loved it. It was in perfect condition and drove great. We went to the next dealer and there was a gold CR-V that was a year newer and had less miles but was a thousand dollars more and had some smaller scratches on the outside and bigger ones on the the inside. It had a lot more power though and a sun roof. We were torn as to which one to get. Finally we decided on the newer 2002, the differences on the inside were pretty big and better looking. I am very happy with our decision. My first car in the twenty first century!!! Now that the all too long story is finished, here are the pictures! :)

Goldie Locks? Goldie Hawn? Still working on a name :)

My sexy husby in front of our sexy car!
Trying to be like one of Bob's Beauties!

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