Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trying to leave on a jet plane

Our adventure, trying to get home from Virgina
So all of us had airplane issues at some point on the trip. My dad's plane got delayed 7 hours in Houston on the way to Norfolk, got to his hotel around 5am. Sucky! My brother Eric's plane got cancelled and couldn't get re booked till the next night so he had to miss the graduation.
Ours was quite the adventure.
We get on the plane to go from Norfolk to Atlanta, it had already been delayed a half hour and our layover was just under an hour. We were worried about missing our connecting flight, especially cause the Atlanta airport is huge! While sitting on the plane in Norfolk waiting to take off, the pilot says there is a ground stop in Atlanta because of bad weather, we couldn't even take off till it was lifted. half hour later the ground stop was lifted and we left for Atlanta. We missed our connecting flight by a good 20 minutes. to get re booked you just scan your ticket and a machine gives you your new ticket. We were now Scheduled to go to San Diego then to Salt Lake make it to SLC at 1 AM. We were only going to have about an hour layover again. Take a shuttle to our gate. Wait around, then hear that the flight to San Diego got delayed and we weren't going to make our connecting flight. Time to get re booked again. This time we talked to an actual person who said there was a "better" direct flight we could get on that would get us there at around 9 PM instead. Great! So we get on a shuttle again to go wait at that gate. After waiting for a couple hours, the flight got delayed an hour, immediately followed by being cancelled. Time to wait in line to be re booked again, we are now struggling to be patient. We get to the front and a guy comes to the side and asks the lady at the desk if he can go first. She says he has to ask us. We didn't want to let him go. I ask "are you trying to get re booked on the Salt Lake flight?" "Yes" "Well then I don't think so, we don't want to loose a spot" He proceeds to tell us how has a deadly disease in his jaw that is worse than flesh eating. He needed to get to the U of U hospital for an emergency surgery. He had been booked on that flight because he was told it was the most sure one not to be cancelled or delayed. He paid $1,200 for a first class ticket so he would be sure to have a seat. Bad luck. A closer look at him and we notice that is jaw is about twice the size it should have been and he had little tubes coming out of his neck. "Wow okay, by all means go ahead"
We all ended up on a flight that they had just made just for those of us who were having trouble getting to Utah. Another shuttle ride later, and we are at a very colorfully decorated gate. Strange. An hour of waiting, and our gate gets changed. Hop back on the shuttle and we are at a gate right next to our first one. What a day. We boarded that flight an hour after the scheduled time. Glad to just finally be on a plane. Once we are all settled in our seats, the pilot comes on the speakers and says we are just waiting for the catering to show up and then we can leave. Heaven forbid we leave with out our peanuts! I was just planning on sleeping the whole way home, not snacking. It took and hour and a half for the snacks to get there. Finally we take off. It was actually really pretty with all the lights outside. We slept on and off most of the way. We make it to Salt Lake City at 2:30 AM, home 4:30. We had to be back in Logan at 7 AM for a food co-op. We only got two hours of sleep, picked up our produce, went back home and slept till 1 PM. Longest day ever. I've never been so happy to get to lay down in my own bed. I never want to see the Atlanta airport again. That's for sure. 12 hours of waiting there were more than enough. Oi

That's all.

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