Friday, December 17, 2010

Random much??? Why yes!

Aaron has been at work for the last 13 and a half hours. I've been off for the last 7 hours. I'm not very good at entertaining myself and I am officially b.o.r.e.d.
I started making heath bar cookies and half way through realized that I don't have eggs. I read that you can substitute 2 tablespoons cornstarch for every egg in cookies, so I gave that a try. They turned out pretty good. I mixed them too much, so they could have been better. I will probably still eat them all in the next week. I LOVE home made cookies. They are kind of an addiction of mine. I can't just eat one!!!! Best addiction ever! :)
Another random thought, I cant stop buying Aaron Christmas presents. haha I keep saying I'm done, then I think of something else I know he wants. I want to get him everything I ever remember him saying he wants. He has expensive taste so I can't buy him everything, I've already spent so much. Ekk. I think I'm really done as of today though. I love knowing he'll be happy with what he gets, But I hate thinking that he might wish he had something else too. haha! Yep. I love him.
Our Christmas tree has a decent amount of presents under it and that makes me happy. We didn't procrastinate this year! Yay! Only one more present. I just don't have any idea what to get for them..... hmmmmm.....
Today was soooo cold! I had to work at the window for the majority of the day today, which is pretty typical. I thought my ears were going to fall off!!! It was 2 degrees when I got to work. Better than yesterday though. Good thing I have the hobo gloves Sarah got for me! I've also heard them called glomits.... haha that's just silly.
Well, I think that is all the random thoughts I can think of today.
Holly out.

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