Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day is meant to be cheesy!

Hello world!
Well, another V-day come and gone.
I'm so glad I got to spend it with my forever Valentine!
We weren't so sure how it was going to work out this year.
Aaron was on call, so we couldn't plan anything.
We ended up playing it by ear.
Aaron got home at 5.
On call doesn't start till 6.
I was going to make my wonderful lasagna for dinner,
but I used all my cheese for braided pizza bread last week,
and forgot to get more.
I didn't notice till the sausage was defrosted and I went to start everything else
We decided we had time to hurry and go get some Panda Express before on call started.
We ate at home,
and just had a nice relaxing evening together.
Thankfully there were no floods!
Sounds like a lame day, but it was great!
Couldn't have asked for more.

We both kind of splurged on presents for each other.
More than we probably needed to as usual.
What can I say?
We're in LOVE!

He got me:
a dozen perfect roses
a cute little teddy bear ( no I'm not too old for that)
a box of chocolates
Beauty and the Beast
and Tangled (pre ordered)

I got him:
some pirouettes
a liter of the blue Mountain Dew
a silly balloon (it was waiting for him in the car)
a box of chocolates
and a RC helicopter

All in all, the day was almost as perfect as he is. :)

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day too!

Much love!

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