Monday, September 28, 2009

No money, no time

Fixed. Guess I'm not allowed to say that. So here, all better.

I wish I had a good job with normal predicable hours and good pay instead of the sucky job I have. That's why you go to school right? But oh wait, since you have to have the sucky job to afford school and the hours aren't predictable, how are you supposed to be able to fit school in there too? And after all the school hours still be able to work lots so you can have a decent check with your poor hourly pay and then have time for homework and fun? Doesn't seem likely. How is that supposed to happen? And who wants to wait four more years at best to have a decent job? And there are not guarantees that after all your thousands of dollars are spent for an education that you will have a job right there waiting for you.
That is my rant for the day.
Don't worry though; I still love life very much! Of course! :)

And don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to have a job at all. Thank goodness for that!

Also, of course this is only about my job and no one else, cause I'm the only one with this problem that I know right? yeah... :P

The end


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