Friday, October 23, 2009

Boo who?

So, I LOVE Halloween! It's my favorite holiday. I didn't get to decorate this year, which is probably one of my favorite parts, so that was a big bummer, but we are still doing the fun Halloween traditional activities. On Wednesday Aaron and I were both off work early, which when not planned rarely happens, so we had to do something fun. We narrowed it down to corn maze, or haunted mini golf. We chose the golf, cause that was one of our first dates two years ago, the first one we took pictures on, but we didn't go last year so it sounded like fun! We invited our friends Geo and Megan to come with. It was a good time. The weather was good, not too cold, and we got free hot chocolate. Woo hoo! So, here are some pictures. Enjoy! :)

Chillin' with the aliens

Geo and Megan come in peace

This is apparently the face I make in every picture

Geo is about to get pummeled by pumpkin man

Aaron trying to look like Franky

Imitating the witch... scary

Two years ago at the same place!


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Becca said...

Oh I remember seeing this picture two years ago! Awesome!