Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Party!

On Friday, we went to a Halloween party for Aaron's work. It was pretty fun. There was a hypnotist which is always silly. Only four people got hypnotized though so that was kinda lame but it was a good time laughing at them. :) There was also a pumpkin carving contest with some pretty cool pumpkins. An I Love Lucy pumpkin won. The dinner was a yummy potluck. We had to bring a salad of some sort so I made a fruit salad that was pretty tasty, we didn't bring a serving utensil and there were too many other dishes so we were pretty much the only ones to have some. but I enjoyed it :)
Here are the pictures, Enjoy!

We went as Adam Sandler and the penguin from Billy Madison :P

Such a lady!

Monkey Bodey and Popeye
Bryce and Tia

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Sarah said...

I love your costume, Holly! It is too cute :)