Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All at once!

Finally a day off! So here's what's been going on in our life's.
My birthday was on the 25th of November. It was so much fun! My brothers pitched in and got Aaron and I some Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert tickets. It was unexpected (by me and my brothers haha boys are so last minute) I was sooo happy when they called and told me. I hadn't been able to make it to the concert the two years before and I missed seeing them. They are amazing. The concert is pretty similar every year, but it's always so good! They have an awesome light and laser show going on the whole time. I love watching the violin player rock out, makes me miss orchestra. My present from Aaron was a Kitchenaid! I'm so excited for it! I haven't gotten to use it yet cause we've been trying to find a colored one, which is quite the task. If I don't find one today I'm just going to use the white one and finally start making holiday goodies! White is, after all, my favorite color. I just wanted one that wasn't like everyone else's and also ever kitchen appliance is white so it would be nice to have a little change but it's not a big deal. gets the job done either way.
The next day, the 26th of November was Thanksgiving. We spent it with Aaron's Family this year and will be spending Christmas with my family. I wish our families lived closer together so we could do both, but what can you do. My dad just got married and moved even farther away. haha
The 27th was, of course, black Friday! I love all the deals and stuff! I'm a big bargain shopper so this is a perfect day for me. It's so different in Logan though. I've only done it in Ogden and Park City with my sister-in-law before and it was always NUTS! This year was pretty chill. I had a great time and got lots of great stuff! What a good morning. After shopping we finally got to move into our house and we helped move Aaron's brother and sister-in-law into the parents basement. I'm not really sure why both things had to happen that day all at once instead of over the next two days but that's what we did. I'm happy to be moved. Thanks to EVERYONE who did help us move! We really do appreciate your help. We didn't even have to ask. Thanks. :)
So this was obviously a very busy and mostly enjoyable week.
Since then we have been working a ton, getting unpacked, finally getting to use our wonderful wedding presents, Christmas shopping, Going to Christmas parties, being busy, and enjoying life!


PS Thanks to EVERYONE who has helped at all with getting our house ready to live in! Thank you thank you thank you! :)


Sarah said...

You guys have had a busy couple months. Hopefully it feels nice to FINALLY be getting settled in :)

Can't wait to see you soon!

Chelise said...

Hey I like your blog. Yay for a finished kitchen floor! It looks nice and don't worry, we were over there when the parentals were finishing it up. We didn't sneak in. Hopefully it will all be done soon. Let us know if we can help with anything.

Oh yeah send me your email address so I can add you to our blog list.