Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread house and blisters. Must be Christmas time.

So our internet stopped working this last week, right after we finally got it. It was fixed today so I can update you on our eventful week. On Tuesday we made a gingerbread house from a kit. It came with Wonka candies to decorate with, how fun is that? :) It turned our really cute, I'm a little proud of it, I must say. haha. Here are some pictures!

Next, on Friday I was trying to make spaghetti pie for dinner, I placed the noodle straining spoon too close to the burner on accident, picked it up to use it, the plastic had melted and got stuck on my hand. I guess since it was hot and hurt I grabbed it with my other hand to stop the hurting and burned my other hand as well. Second degree burns on BOTH hands. Wow am I talented or what? The pain was pretty sever. Second degree burns are the most painful kind you can get, because if you get third degree it goes to your nerves so you just don't feel anything. I have six blisters between both hands. So, after getting opinions from my medical school brother and my dad's wife who is a nurse, we thought it best to go to the insta care to get it looked at. I was afraid I would get an infection from all the money I have to touch at work since burns have a higher chance of getting infected. The doctor gave me some prescription cream for it and told me I need to come back to have the blisters cut off after they pop. Ew and ouch. The pictures of it will be posted later. :)
For now, enjoy some random pictures of the center pieces made for my dad's wedding, which ended up being the only decorations there.

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