Monday, May 3, 2010

Blog spam

I sure do wish I would stop getting spam comments from some random Asian people all the time! It's quite annoying. Any one else get these? If you see them in my comments, don't click on their links.

P.S. Happy May! Summer is soooo close! Then it will finally be Bear Lake season! I'm soo excited! :)

That's all!
I love most of you! ;)


Laundry said...

My dear friend.. I had that same problem. Everyone does. I couldn't figure it out! Cause I made my blog unsearchable and I made it so it won't come up in the "next blog" link. So now I'm debating if I want to change it to it being so private that it would only work if I had peoples email addresses.. but I haven't had that problem in awhile so for now I'll keep it the way it is. anyway.. .

I'm not sure what to tell you cause everyone I know has had that problem and no one really knows how to fix it.

Chelise said...

Sorry Holly i never had that problem. It must be something with only your blog. Haha (does that sound like something someone would else would say...haha). But really, that sucks. I hope they don't download any viruses onto your computer. I bet you're getting excited for your vacation soon..i'm jealous. Anyways....TTYL!

hollyolly8 said...

Cause you're too good to have anything like that happen to YOUR blog right chelise? ;) haha