Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fantastic changes!

Right after my post saying I'm going to be able to post again, life got a little nuts! So, it ended up being a bit of a lie. I won't have as much time on my hands anymore, but I'll post when I can.
The reason I won't have time on my hands to spare anymore is because....after two years of trying and trying.... lots of frustration, tears, and coveting those who it came so easily to.... I am FINALLY working at a new job! :)
I am now an Office Manager!!!! Or, basically a glorified secretary with a side of accounts receivable. I love it. It's pretty perfect for me right now. I work with some great people who are easy to get a long with. I'm actually appreciated and complimented for doing a good job. I already got a raise that I wasn't supposed to get till I worked there for 3 months. I got it after 1 week. (Please pardon my bragging. I'm just not used to this) I work set hours now, which is sooooo nice! 9-5:3o Monday-Friday with an hour break whenever I want. I thought it might be a little difficult working 8 hour days everyday, when before it was rare to get 8 hours and the days I did work that long were so hard. Turns out, when you enjoy your job, the day goes by fast everyday.
I'm so much happier now (Aaron says he notices it all the time. Poor guy is a trooper, putting up with me being mad all the time after work)! This job is the opposite from my last job in every way, and that is why it is so good. Man, I sure do love change! This was such a huge blessing in my life, and I'm very grateful for it.
Thank you to everyone who helped, or tried to help me get a new job. Thank you for understanding.

There is a lot more going on in our life's that I would like to post about, but I'm trying not to do super long posts any more. That's hard when I don't have time to post, but if you want to know what is going on, you can always call me :)

That is all.
Much love for you all!

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