Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas shoes

I just thought you should know, I am wearing little boy shoes today. Oh yes. I'm not ashamed of it either. I went shoe shopping last night at Famous Footwear with Aaron. We were out to get him some new work shoes, and me some much needed hiking shoes since we are going to Moab on Friday. Well, I have short, fat feet that I inherited from my mother dearest. Most athletic shoes are just way to tight, and they don't offer many wide shoes in my size. After looking for about 45 minutes and trying on every shoe around, Aaron disappeared for a few minutes, I figured he was sick of looking at girl shoes, and went back to the guys for a bit. When he came back he had a box of shoes in his hand and told me to try them on. Oh so very roomy compared to all the others I had tried. He told me they were little boy shoes, and better yet, that they were cheaper than any of the other shoes I've already tried on. Score! The great part is, these aren't even my first pair of little boy shoes I own. Aaron bought me some others when we were dating, and I love them. They were actually the shoes I was wearing when we bought these new little boy shoes. Nope, I'm not embarrassed. Whatever works is fine by me. They have really great traction, and will work splendidly for hiking. They are even a good name brand hiking shoe! Yeah Boy (boy shoe that is)! The only problem is my shoe rack doesn't have any more room for more shoes.... Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn.

Here, take a look at the shoes. They don't look very boyish at all. When Aaron gave them to me he said "I figure a lot of boys dress girly now days." True story.


Well, that will be all for today.

Loves for you, and you, and YOU!


Becca said...

Sad you're picture isn't showing up :(

hollyolly8 said...

Again? Ugh! I can see it now. Grrr

Tayja Marie said...

i wear lil' boy shoes too!