Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New pictures.

I'm actually updating my blog from home for once, so I can add some recent photos. That doesn't happen often, so you better appreciate this!

Pictures of Moab 2011!!

 Can you see my sand angel? 
This is at Sand Dune Arch.
 My brother proposed to his girlfriend under Delicate Arch. 
Obviously he got the answer he wanted :)
 Yeah, that was a very long way down...

This picture takes a little explaining. Aaron got a ticket for throwing rocks in Canyonlands. Lame. We thought it was probably the most ridiculous thing to get a ticket for. So this is me afterwords. Holding a rock over a ledge. Maybe I threw it to spite the wanna be cop. Maybe I didn't. You'll never know...... :)

 I can't get this picture to rotate, so whatever. This is Aaron's Darth Vader pancake. 
He made it on accident. We think it's a sign. Not sure of what though. :)
Since the other picture I posted of our tree is finicky, here is another one. Don't mind Willis. He just thinks he has to be the center of attention. Mostly cause he is. Also, he is on our new couch, not that this is a good picture of it, but there it is! haha

Maybe I'll post more pictures later. You'll just have to wait and see. I know you will be dying of anticipation till the next post. 


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