Thursday, January 26, 2012

Take a peek at our new home.

Look! I actually posted the pictures I said I would. Even if it is almost 3 months later... I did it! Here are some pictures of our new home! I don't feel like posting outside pictures of the house, since I get a lot of weird people who look at my blog that I don't know.... (Hi weird-os!) But here's the inside! Some of it at least. Missing the kitchen, dining room, downstairs guestroom, master bedroom, master bath, and my awesome walk-in closet. I didn't post the apartment pictures either. I figured you probably don't really need to see that part. Maybe I'll post pictures of the rest later. Maybe...

Hi! Welcome to our house!
 Don't worry there's stuff in this room now.
See! Told you so. Our new couches!

I don't know what all those weird random dots are. But, here's the theater room.
Okay, It's mostly just a TV room right now (except there is a projector instead of a TV.)
But it will be a theater room when we are done with it. Kind of.
Guest Bathroom
Office/music room on the left, future baby room on the right.
Yep. That's right. One day I do plan on havin' some kids.
Not yet though. Not at all.
That's all. Bye bye now!



Tayja Marie said...

ooooo :D fancy! and those random dots are said to be ghosts. but most likely it was the lighting or you had moisture on the lens of your camera.

Holl.E.L.Wood said...

How dare you make me afraid of my own house Tayja! I just bought this thing. Now what am I supposed to do? haha don't worry.... I'm not scared.... mostly.

Em said...

It looks so nice!

Chelise said...

Love it!