Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I had to say goodbye to an old friend of mine last week. We put my car up for sale on KSL on Thursday at 2pm. I didn't plan ahead about doing this, I was just bored out of my mind at work and needed some thing to do. I decided I would post it and see what happened. I didn't even have any pictures to post with it right away, so I figured I wouldn't get any calls, and I didn't really care since I wasn't really trying hard to be rid of it. I posted it, and then decided I should text Aaron to let him know since I used his number as well as mine on the ad. While attempting to text him I got 3 phone calls and text from potential buyers. Apparently I had a hot item on my hands. Before I could get a chance to text him amidst all the mayhem, he text me asking me why I didn't tell him what I was doing before hand. He had several calls and texts in that time as well. So many people called, it was hard to get everyone scheduled a time to look at it. I was completely overwhelmed and shaking. Mostly I think I had a little bit too much Dr. Pepper that day. Mmmmm. By 5pm we had someone who wanted to bring us cash for it right away. We ended up just telling people to come as soon as they could, and the first one to get there with cash gets the car. By 7pm we were enjoying dinner at El Sol with the money we made.Yummy rice and beans!! Saturday we bought a riding lawn mower with the cash, and now have a nicely groomed lawn. 
I will miss that car. It wasn't technically my first car, but it was my first car that lasted for more than a week, so I still think of it as my first car. I bought it with cash I got from getting my real first car totaled in 11th grade. I was so proud of myself for buying my own car and having no debt. His name was Eddie, and we had some real good times together. Our longest trip was to Gilbert, Arizona with Shannon when we were 18 to sleep in a box. Yes, we drove 11 hours one way to sleep in a box. It was for a charity, and it was a blast. He drove me to college and back home numerous times.Although there is no way he could make it through that canyon these days. I even had to live out of him one summer. He was the car I drove during the worst times in my life, and the best. From high school, to college, to marriage, he was my little baby. He never failed me. Except that summer when he let me back in to 2 different people. Not cool Eddie. Oh, and that time when his exhaust pipe wouldn't stay on, and I had to breathe those stinky fumes for years. And all those times when the drivers side door wouldn't open so I had to climb out the passenger side. Yeah, that looked real slick. Or all those oil spots in my driveway now. Or all those times of leaving Aaron's house late at night in the middle of the winter and the heater wouldn't warm up till I was home. Or the fact that you would frost on the inside instead of the outside so I could never see where I was going. Gee that was safe. Good riddance ya piece of junk! Thanks for the ride man. :)  (Don't worry, this post is written with humor and nostalgia, not anger or love. It is just an old car, after all.) Now we only have 4 vehicles instead of 5! Woot! Ha.

Here he is. It's a Trecel. That's a car. Roomy back seat! Ha that's just from my favorite movie, and the last time I'll be able to quote it for this purpose, so I had to do it. I never tried out the roominess of my back seat. Promise

See those spots on the tires? Yeah, that's from our wedding when people, who will not be named, trashed my car. They never came off. Oh, and the headlights had boobs from that same day till the day we sold it and FINALLY got it to come off. Yay! :)

Loves for you, not for a car!

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Chelise said...

aw poor eddie! that is a good story. when i heard you sold it all i thought about was the white spots on the tires....haha. now its on to new and better things. oh yeah i fixed the info on my blog. thanks for catching that. i'll hopefully have a ne post soon. things have been crazy at home and work.