Thursday, December 13, 2012

Q and A

I have a hard time knowing what to say when people ask how the pregnancy is going. I usually just say something like "Great....", and then this awkward silence occurs as if they are expecting me to elaborate. I'm not sure what more they want from me. I'm good, baby is good, what more is there? Pregnancy, as exciting as it is, is relatively uneventful for me, and thank goodness for that! 
Then the more in depth questions start, "Are you sick?" "Are you tired?" "Do you sleep good?" Sheesh, do I look that bad? I know that's not what they are getting at. I guess pregnant ladies typically take this as an opportunity to complain a little, and with good reason. I'm not one to complain to others normally (Aaron being the exception. He gets an ear full of my pregnancy complaints on a regular basis. Poor kid). I feel uncomfortable complaining about pregnancy when there are so many women that would kill to be in my position. I feel so blessed that I am able to carry my daughter, and feel her kick all day. I don't take this miracle for granted. I'm not saying that others do, that's just my reasoning for not having much to say about the whole situation. Also, I don't really like talking about myself a lot, or having a lot of attention focused on me. Most of the questions asked are focused more on mom rather than baby. So, to help answer some questions, I found this list of questions for pregnant ladies, here you go: 

(Please note, I'm not using this to complain either)

I'm 24 weeks.
Maternity clothes: Only 2 pairs of non-maternity pants still fit (fitting meaning I can still do up the zipper, and just use a hair band to keep the top together. Don't judge me), my shirts fit around the tummy, some are just not long enough anymore. Thank you to those of you that loaned me maternity clothes! I don't do well at shopping for myself, so my wardrobe was getting very small. You ladies saved me!

Sleep: Let's just say me and 3AM are very well acquainted as of late, and leave it at that.
Best moment this week: Hearing her heartbeat at the doctor yesterday.

Miss anything: Of course, that's a silly question for a pregnant lady. The list would be too lengthy. :)
Movement: Like crazy. You can see it on the outside now. I love to just watch my belly move.
Food Cravings: I don't like the term cravings when related to pregnancy. I feel like that means I must have this food now! I don't feel like that with anything. I can say that I can't resist sweets if they are around, and I love green veggies. 
Symptoms: Now, this question is just begging for complaints. I have symptoms of pregnancy, and that's enough. In all honesty, I feel I've been pretty lucky with what I've had to deal with thus far.
Happy or Moody: I mostly just feel like myself. If I am really lacking on sleep I get very weepy, and if anyone cries around me, or on TV for any reason, I too must cry. I've asked Aaron about this several times, and he agrees that most of the time I seem normal. Good answer husby.
Wedding ring on or off: Off, mostly I was just paranoid it would get stuck and have to be cut off since it was tight before I got pregnant. I had to get a ring cut off once when I jammed my finger and it got way swollen. Luckily that was just a cheap-o ring.
Showing: I feel like I've been showing since about 10 weeks, I'm sure it was in my head more than anything, but my scoliosis makes my gut poke out, so she didn't have anywhere else to go but out. Also, she hangs out in the front, so that made me show sooner too. Those are my excuses at least. I've been told that right now I just have a basketball belly. I'm scared to see how big it will get if it's this big already.

I would like to mention that all of this is said with a smile on my face. I am happy to go through this, and whatever else is to come for this little girl. She just better recognize what I had to do for her when she's a teenager. :)


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Laundry said...

My mom was well aquainted with 3am too. haha. Most of her cross stitches were done while she was pregnant and late at night. I thought it was cool that she was able to find something to take her mind off not being able to sleep or whatever worries she had.
I admire women that can distract themselves like that. I never did learn that skill.