Friday, January 11, 2013

She's still a she!

We got to see our little girl again yesterday. Here she is:

All together now:  "Awwwww!"

We think she still looks a lot like me. It was pretty weird to see her so detailed, especially with her eyes open. I don't know why it always freaks me out when we see her and she actually looks like a baby, like I'm expecting to see something else pop up on the screen. Nope, still a baby. It was good to get to confirm that she's still a she. Not that I've had many doubts about that, other than every time I have a dream about having a baby it's a boy. This is the 3rd time we've been able to get to look and see that it's a girl, so it would be a very big surprise if it turned out to be a boy. We've always kind of had a hunch that this is our baby Lucy though. We've known we were going to name our first girl that since we were dating. Ever since my brother got engaged in 2008 there has been sort of a race going on to see who would get the first girl. We all wanted to name her after our amazing grandma. I won :) Though there really wasn't much competition. Out of the 3 couples that wanted the name, we are the fist to get pregnant. We even waited 3 years, and still won. So everyone had a fair shot at it, we weren't too worried though.
We've had a lot of fun watching her move lately. I've been able to feel her move since September, and Aaron got to feel her for the first time on Halloween, so feeling her move is nothing new. Neither is seeing it at this point really, we've been able to see her since November. Now it's the big movements, which are fun, but kind of creepy. We'll see a big bulge poke out of my stomach and slide around for a minute, and disappear  Weird how things like that are considered normal during pregnancy.
We'll, that's the only update for now.

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Tayja Marie said...

yay :) you blogged. also this is very exciting! also it kind of sounds like you have an alien life form in your body ;) but a cute one :D