Thursday, January 17, 2013

My wish for you

My wish for my baby girl... (There are a couple swears in this, you have been warned! Avert your eyes if necessary. Just so you know, I will never post anything with R rated swearing in it, or even excessive swearing at all. I don't appreciate it, and find it usually sounds unintelligent. There are so many better words in the English dictionary you could use to make your point. End of rant. Enjoy!)

Okay, obviously I am not serious here. Mostly. Just saw this and thought it was pretty fricken funny. Tina Fey makes me giggle. Maybe one day I'll do a serious post of my honest wishes for my kids, but that is not today. Hope this made you smile as much as I smiled, maybe even LOLed. 


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Londi said...

you know, some of that I wish for when I have kids. If they call me names in public, I sure as heck hope I have the courage to drag them out in front of their friends so that my child will know that they are not the boss...I am.