Thursday, June 4, 2009

New member of the family!

This morning at around 8:00 my lovely sister-in-law gave birth to a 8 pound 15 ounce baby boy! Carter David Isakson has blond hair blue eyes and, very noticeably, my brother Eric's nose. He is 20.5 inches long and chunky. His chubby, pinch worthy baby cheeks hang lower than his chin. Freaking adorable! He sleeps... well, like a baby. He was asleep almost the whole time I was there today. Even slept through all the getting passed around from person to person. I only saw him open his pretty blue eyes once.
Carter is Chaulyn and Eric's second son. Their frist, and my only other nephew, is Max. However, Max was adopted by Eric when he was 4 so I didn't get to see him as a little baby. Carter is the first baby in our family. Needless to say, I'm extatic about this new bundle of joy. I can't wait to hold him again and to introduce him to Aaron, who had to work so hasn't made his aquaintance as of yet.
I'm excited to watch cater grow from birth. I just hope he takes his time with the growing. I want to have him as a baby for as long as posible! :)

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