Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playing a little game of catch up.

I guess I should finally put the pictures from Easter on here. First I'll tell you what we did. Saturday we were going to dye eggs together but after conference, shopping, eating out with Aaron's family, and making frog eye salad to take for dinner the next day, we ran out of time. So the plan was to do it Sunday. Sunday morning turned out to be a lot busier than planned. After making breakfast, finishing the frog eye salad, and the morning session of conference, it was time to get on the road. We decided to go to my dad's house for Easter since my family still makes a pretty big deal out of Easter. It was a fun time. We ate dinner, then had an Easter egg hunt. I am the youngest of my three brothers, then there are my step siblings, which there are five of. There are two that are younger than me, one by just a few months, and one that is 18. So we are all adults, Maybe a little to old for Easter egg hunts.... but we all had a good time. All of us, even my cute little grandma Lucy were running around the house like children getting our eggs. There were really only two kids in on the hunt, and only one of them was old enough to walk or really even care about it. So it was a house full of adults enjoying being kids again. We got 5 eggs of candy and 1 with different amounts of money in it from 2 to 5 dollars. Aaron won big with a fiver and I lost with only two. It was a good time. I really loved seeing my nephews. Carter is going up so fast and is adorable. Too bad he still cries every time I hold him. Max is way too old and needs to stop growing up. He's a little smarty pants.
We were having a good time and didn't end up getting home till it was too late to dye the eggs. So we didn't get our eggs dyed till the day after Easter. haha but it was still fun! I am still a kid at heart, so I love doing things like that. Aaron calls me "youthful" which is a nice way of telling me I'm immature. :)
Here are pictures of our egg dying:

Umm how cute is he? Aw! And look, No beard!

These are our eggs. Aaron got creative and drew all over his.
They look pretty nifty too. Mine are the plain boring ones :)

That is all.

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