Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Double Coupons? Yes please!

Here's another good deal for ya'll to partake in.
As if coupons weren't the best thing ever invented by themselves, this week is double coupon week at K-mart!!!
Meaning, you take in your regular old coupon and the price of it gets doubled $1 off = $2 yada yada. They will do this for any MANUFACTURER coupon up to and including $2 in value. So $4 off one item max. However you can only use it for five things a day. Also, it can't be the same thing twice in a day. You do have to sign up for there savings card to get it to work, but that's free and only takes 2 minutes. If you already have the savings card, then you just have to take it with you. This will not work for K-mart's coupons they send out. Only Manufactured ones.
Want a huge amount of coupons so you have some to take to K-mart everyday this week? Use these websites for free printable manufacturer coupons:
with some of these coupons you can use them to get things for free when doubled. Have I mentioned I love free? :)
Here is a website to go to to get a $2 women's dove deodorant that if you take in to K-mart this will make it FREE! :)
How cool is that?
This goes till Saturday!
Now, go to K-mart and save a bundle!
Have fun!
Love love love love love!
That's all.

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Your blog is super cute!! =D