Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Colon parentheses

“Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
- Abraham Lincoln
Smart man.
We all have problems.
We all go through trails.
It's up to you how you choose to handle them.
You decide how to react to all situations.
You decide what your attitude will be through it all.
And ultimately you decided how easy or hard your life will seem depending on your mindset.
Choose a positive mindset, and life is a heck of a lot easier to handle.
Choose a negative mindset, and make life a lot harder on yourself than it needs to be.
This decision dosen't just effect you.
It effects everyone in your life.
Seems like an easy choice to me.
This is a very simple lesson to learn.
Seems like most people still choose to learn it the hard way.

I choose :)


Em said...

So true!

p.s. Hi Holly! ;)

hollyolly8 said...

Who is this? Haha I can't tell from the picture and your blog is private, so that doesn't help either :)
Sorry :P

Becca said...

It's Emily Hewlett

hollyolly8 said...

Haha, thanks Becca. That was one of my guesses. Emily, you should let me join your blog :)