Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A little ramble here, a little ramble there.

This is something I really needed to hear today. It has been a very discouraging couple of weeks. I have been having an especially difficult time keeping that happy mindset I strive for today. Lately we have been having set back after set back. Disappointment after disappointment. I'm just waiting for something to finally come through and work out for us. I'm not complaining (okay, maybe just a little), I know I have a very good and blessed life. I have a whole lot to be thankful for. Things were just going so perfectly for awhile there. Everything was falling right into place. Then, all of a sudden, it wasn't any more. Sigh. Such is life.
This quote helped me calm down and remember that everything is happening exactly how God intended it to, whether they were in my plans or not does not matter.

It will be okay. It will all work out. Soon enough it will all be in the past. Deep breath. And repeat. That's how I have been getting through this day.

This morning, a coworker was a little rude to me about something I had nothing to do with. I turned and walked away, holding back tears. That small thing had just pushed me to the limit (for the third time this morning) I couldn't handle anything else blowing up in my face. This reminded me of one of my favorite quotes ( I know I've been using a ton of quotes in my posts lately.). "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" - Plato. He couldn't have known his slightly harsh words would push me to the brink of crying. He had no idea of the terrible morning I'd been having, and apparently he'd been having a less than ideal day as well. Let me be clear though, I don't hate my job, or any of my coworkers. It is a great job. I am grateful for it, and blessed to have it. My coworkers are great, and nice 99% of the time. Just one of those days for all of us I guess.

Any way.... I don't really know where I'm going with this. Mostly I'm just rambling, as is typical for my blog. Just a place to get my thoughts out of my head so I can go on with my day with out these thoughts pestering me along my way. So, I guess that's all for now. 


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