Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grandma Lucy.

There is no one I admire more than you. I've always looked up to your great example. You're the epitome of what a woman should be. You are the classiest woman I have ever known. I would be very proud to become even the tiniest bit like you. You are simply amazing. When I think of the wonderful reunion that took place in heaven last night, it brings tears to my eyes, and joy in my heart. 48 years without your husband, you're only sweetheart. Being apart much longer than you were together here on earth. I can't even imagine. My mom got to give her Gretel a big hug again. Seeing your parents, grandparents, and those siblings who have pass on before you. What an awesome welcoming party you had. I think of those videos of soldiers coming home from war and seeing their families for the first time in so long. I cry every time I watch those. I know your greeting party was even greater than that. When I got that call, that dreaded call that I knew would be coming soon, I didn't cry. I felt your pure happiness that you are experiencing. Of course, throughout the night and the day today I have shed a few tears for the loss I feel, but overall I know you have been letting me to feel a little bit what you are feeling so I can remember to be happy for you. You lived a great long life. All who knew you in that time adored you. We all feel that we love you more than any others could. I feel so blessed to be able to call you my grandma for eternity. The world lost a very special spirit, but heaven just got a little bit brighter. I look forward to seeing you again whenever that time may come. Till then I will hold very dear to the sweet memories I have with you. You will always have a big special part of my heart. I love you forever and always.

PS Give my Mom a big hug from me.

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